Online 8-Week Sugar Fix Projects by The Sugar Fix Project

Online 8-Week Sugar Fix Projects

A online Step-by-Step program to reduce or remove sugar from your diet!


The SUGAR FIX Project is your sugar reboot program! Whether you want to remove sugar totally from your diet or reduce your cravings and current sugar intake, this project is one you will want to take on.
The SUGAR FIX Project is an eight-week journey that provides a robust method to take full control of the roll you want sugar to play in your life. 

If you don't want to loose weight, this is probably not for you, we have found that our varied age and gender research group have ALL dropped weight. 

You may have tried through sheer willpower to reduce sugar or cut it out before - The SUGAR FIX  Project combines addictive substance elimination techniques with a neuro-associative conditioning model. 
Using a straightforward coaching methodology the project is not only outcome and result focused but it is positive, enlightening, fun and empowering!

Talking about outcomes - on completing this project you will:

  • Have the knowledge to make informed food choices.
    • Have a full understanding of where sugar is hidden in every-day foods
    • Confidence in picking better alternatives for these.
  • Be able to grocery shop sugar free
  • Be able to cook and bake sugar free
  • Be equipped to still enjoy restaurants and cafe outings and stay sugar free
  • Know how to pack healthier kids lunches (and have them eat it) :-) 
  • Have removed sugar from your diet and be confident in your ability to maintain a sugar free lifestyle.

Likely side-effects are:

  • Less brain fog with a clear and sharp mind
  • Weight loss
  • Overall better health
  • less mood swings
  • More energy
  • Younger looking, healthy skin

Here's what a few of the participants of the SUGAR FIX Project have said about it:

I've been trying to beat my sugar addiction for at least 15 years and failed every time. I have 2 weeks to go in the Sugar Fix Project and have kept the sugar at bay these past several weeks. One of the big benefits in this course was the support of others in the group struggling with exactly the same issue. Being able to discuss how my week has been and sharing the wins seems to be the secret ingredient to success I've been missing. Quinton's knowledge and expertise on the issue of sugar addiction is also second to none. He facilitates in a non threatening, non judgmental way that puts everyone at ease. 
My mood is now more consistent, I'm more confident, I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night. Oh, did I mention that I've also lost 9.5 kg?
If sugar is your weakness, this course is a must in helping create the lifestyle you want but seems out of reach."                                               - Shaun

"I would absolutely recommend the Sugar Fix program.  Myself and my husband have tried multiple diets and fads to only last a week if that.  We signed up to the sugar fix with Quinton and it's been great, the group support and support from Quinton is awesome, we have stuck to no sugar for the last 3 weeks and noticed a huge difference in our stress levels, lifestyle and appetite (we are not eating as much!) and my husband has lost almost 10kgs since the start.
The plan we followed educated us about the effects of sugar over the first 3 meetings and then we quit sugar completely.  While it hasn't always been easy, we have stuck to it and learnt to be prepared food wise for all scenarios.  I believe the education at the beginning with no pressure to make any changes was the best way to start, we were making better choices without even realising it and when it came time quit sugar from our diet it made this change so much easier."        - Anna

"The information I have received through participating in the Sugar Fix Project has really opened my eyes to the massive amounts of hidden sugar in foods that I commonly eat but which I had not even considered added to my high daily intake.... But through the project I have learnt how to read the nutrition labels on food packets (finally) and about the many other healthy foods that I can eat as a substitute. 
I am desperately keen to avoid getting Type 2 Diabetes, which my father has and which is definitely prevalent on his side of the family. The project has helped me to realise that to a very large degree I can control my own health, and future health outcomes, by eating the food my body needs to function well – but mainly by not eating so much of the foods that are making my body unwell.
Over the last 6 weeks since I have started the Sugar Fix Project I have noticed that a couple of my gut issues have disappeared. ... Even though loosing weight is not my main priority, I actually have lost about 4kg and I have not gone hungry at all. I am feeling very positive about my future health and will definitely carry on eating a diet with as little sugar as possible. Many thanks Quinton for all of your information, help, support and encouragement."                 - Maree 

"At the half way mark through 'The Sugar Fix Project' and I am so glad I am taking this journey. The process makes sense and insists you use your head and common sense, not just your desire to be trim. There is a lot of information but you don't feel compelled and rushed to comprehend. The work Quinton has put into this journey is thorough, well thought out and inspiring. 
Thanks Quinton, and here is to the next few weeks!"      - Tami

"I would highly recommend The Sugar Fix Project to anyone who is looking to make an informed and sustainable change to their health and well being.  The Sugar Fix Project provides a supportive and positive environment in which to make this change.
It's not a quick fix, it's a Sugar Fix!"            - Wendy

Totally recommend the Sugar Fix Project.  You will feel great once you kick your sugar addiction.  
I feel like a new person and the amount of information I have come across since doing this is absolutely awesome. 
Plus the health benefits of having more energy."            - Rochelle


We are so confident in the quality of the project material and the results you will get that if you aren't 100% satisfied, we will not only give you your money back, we will refund you a further 10%! We value our relationship and the reputation of The SUGAR FIX Project more than a few dollars. So please, enroll in the project, with the ease of knowing you have 3 weeks to be utterly satisfied with the value for yourself!

We trust that this gives you some comfort to buy now - you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is a right fit for you. But you'll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.
IT IS YOUR TURN - REGISTER NOW! (Top right on the page or scroll back to the top)

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos File Icon 47 files


The Preface
PRINT ME - The 7-steps to a sugar free lifestyle - workksheet
189 KB
7 Steps to a sugar-free Lifestyle
26 mins
Welcome Message
3 mins
Welcome message
114 KB
Weekly Planner instructions
168 KB
Start Here - Week 1 Introduction
3 mins
Week 1 - Planning & Tracking
345 KB
Decision Time
172 KB
Map Out Your Plan
160 KB
Week 1 - Weekly Journal
98.1 KB
Introduction to Week 2
3 mins
Week 2 - Planning & Tracking
344 KB
Sending your Why to the Gym
197 KB
That Sugar Film
Nutritional Labels & Packaging
311 KB
Week 2 - Journal Entry
98.4 KB
Introduction to Week 3
4 mins
Week 3 - Planning & Tracking
343 KB
Week 3 - Page a Day Journal
128 KB
Week 3 - Project Tasks
198 KB
Fed Up
Nigel Latta: Is Sugar the New Fat?
Shopping Sugar Free
305 KB
Cooking & Eating Sugar Free
357 KB
Sugar Free New Zealand Recipes
Sugar Free Chutney Recipe
Sugar Free Recipes - from a mum
Sugar free kids snacks
Dealing with Cafe & Eateries
188 KB
Introduction to Week 4
3 mins
Week 4 - Planning & Tracking
328 KB
Week 4 - Page a Day Journal
127 KB
The Sugar Break Up
233 KB
Daughtry - Over You
Sugar: The Bitter Truth
The Sugar Coach - Weekly Check In
363 KB
Introduction to Week 5
3 mins
Week 5 - Planning & Tracking
336 KB
The Truth about Sugar - BBC Production
Week 5 - Page a Day Journal
125 KB
The Sugar Coach - Weekly Check In
362 KB
The Reconditioning Exercise
133 KB
Introduction to Week 6
2 mins
Week 6 - Planning & Tracking
335 KB
What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?
Week 6 - Page a Day Journal
125 KB
The Sugar Coach - Weekly Check In
360 KB
Introduction to Week 7
2 mins
Week 7 - Planning & Tracking
335 KB
The Secrets of Sugar - The Fifth Estate - CBC News
Week 7 - Page a Day Journal
124 KB
The Sugar Coach - Weekly Check In
361 KB
Introduction to Week 8
2 mins
Week 8 - Planning
299 KB
Reintroducing Sweetness
217 KB
2 mins
Conclusion Notes
102 KB

Take control and live a sugar free lifestyle!

The Sugar Fix Project

Nutritionist - Fitness coach - Human guinea pig
Your Coach - Quinton de Bruin


I have a food allergy / sensitivity, would I still be able to do the project?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!! 
The SUGAR FIX Project is set up in a way to work around any allergies or dietary preferences you have.
The flexibility is fantastic and fun!

Will I lose weight by doing this project?

Although the focus of the SFP isn't specifically on weight loss, the very act of reducing the intake of sugar has seen the majority of our participants dropping weight.

Will I be pushed to buy strange products or ingredients that I may never use again?

No! Is the short answer.
The SFP does share recipes and in some cases you may not have the ingredient that are required for a certain recipe - simply pick one of the other recipes.
We are advocates for real food and as such, the items may well already be in your pantry and if not will be available at your local market or supermarket.

What happens if I have a weak moment during the 8 weeks and have some cake [Or insert whatever it is you may stumble on]

Choosing to live a sugar free life is not about just these 8 weeks. Having a bad day is a reality of life! We simply acknowledge it and move on, there is no value in beating yourself up about it - use it as a leaning experience and add that situation and a strategy for it to our list.
We are here to support you and so is the community of people taking on the same journey.

How much is the SUGAR FIX Project

The SUGAR FIX Project costs $39 NZD 
For your investment you still get access to the full program, including:
  • Weekly education
  • Fun and mind-blowing workshops and assignments!
  • Planners and Food diaries
  • Reference charts and fact sheets
  • Sugar free recipes (including a focus on kids and their lunchboxes)
  • Support from a community of peers
  • Support and regular interaction from us.

Apart from the initial fee to participate in the project, are there any hidden or further expenses?

No. The project does not include food. You will be purchasing groceries as per normal. The bill might vary a bit as you come to grips with some of the changes but ultimately this will settle down.

Is there a geographical restriction on who can participate in the SUGAR FIX Project?

Absolutely not! We have a vision of changing the lives of 2 million people over the next 5 years - we welcome people from all over the world to participate..... and not only participate but also gain the support of friends and family, who knows they may even join you!
The likelihood of success is 87% higher when you take on a project of this nature with someone who is there to hold you accountable. Husbands talk to your wives - wives....sign up your husbands!

Will I be able to tap into a support network of people who are also participating in the project?

Yes, we have a closed community set up on Facebook which is only used by participants of the project

I don't want to have to cook different meals, can I do the project with my family?

Please do! Once again the likelihood of success is just so much higher when you have the support of the people around you. Not just that, we have a responsibility to sort out a bit of a mess we have made for the next generation so please get the kids involved.